Coffee Beans vs. Coffee Grounds

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Coffee Beans vs. Coffee Grounds

The coffee beans vs. coffee grounds debate has raged on for a while. It’s time to put a good end to it, don’t you think?

“Whole coffee beans vs. ground coffee beans: which should I buy?” A question that pops up as soon as the conversation turns from the dark roast vs. light roast argument. 

Truth is, the fresher choice has always been whole beans, rather than beans ground for you at purchase or whole beans you grind yourself. They are the more flavorful form and the surest key to that deliciousness everyone wants in coffee.

There’s a simple conclusion here: the longer coffee stays after grinding it, the less pleasant it is. Hard to appreciate the benefits of organic coffee when you’re not using it in its fresh form. 

Pros and Cons: Coffee Beans vs. Coffee Grounds

Ground Coffee

Coffee beans freshly ground are surely fresher. But how about a person that prefers convenience to flavor? Nothing would taste better than ground coffee, obviously. 

As a friend said yesterday, she buys ground coffee because she is lazy at this point in her life. I told her I didn't think you’re saving yourself a great deal of time, but whatever floats her boat. The 6 minutesrequired for using a French Pressmay not be something you can do every morning. Although, to some people, a minute makes the difference (sleep less, sleepyhead!). 

If you’re settling for ground coffee, here’s what you should do to get the best flavor. 

  • You must use ground beans within two weeks of grinding/opening. Anything later takes away a lot of flavor.
  • Store coffee ground away from coffee killers like sun, oxygen and for heavens sake, don't put them in the fridge. If you need, there are various coffee bodyguards to hire out there. 

Whole Beans — it’s all good... well, better at least!

If an ace in hole is what you’re craving, whole coffee beans are your best bet. Still, there’s always a catch. It’s just that grinding your beans can be problematic. Yet, it is a critical part of making the perfect cup of coffee. 

Grinding isn’t as straightforward as putting your beans in just any grinder; such as a spice grinder. The perfect grind has to be even/consistent, the right size and the right amount used per cup. A poor grinder will not get enough flavor out of your beans. You don't have to go for the gold, just get a middle of the road grinder that has a metal grinding - don't want to find plastic in your coffee.

The best recommendation for grinders is the burr or mill grinder. They are your best choice for a uniform, smooth grind.  You can use the former for youra-m-a-z-i-n-g French pressed coffee. 

Really, Still Coffee Beans vs. Coffee Grounds?

To the lover of freshness, thecoffee beans vs. coffee groundsdiscourse is dead on arrival. It’s not as though ground coffee is terrible, but maybe if not as fresh if not used timely.  Whatever you’re buying, whole or ground, having a great brand to shop with solves the entire problem. Obviously we recommend Lucky Day Coffee.

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