What is French Pressed Coffee?

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What is French Pressed Coffee?

Questions like “what is French pressed coffee”are common among new coffee lovers. Well, we have your answers here, and you don’t even have to use a torch for finding them. 

French pressed coffee is coffee made using the French press machine. I hope you don’t think all machines are automatic because the French Press isn’t. French pressed coffee (whether light roast vs. dark roast) goes through a manual process. What this means is that you’re measuring your ingredients, grinding the beans, putting water in yourself, timing the brew & pressing the plunger too.

Plenty of things to do, but is French pressed coffee difficult to make? No. It isn’t even time-consuming. 

It’s also more hands-on than your regular coffee machine. 

The entire process takes 6 minutes: 2 for grinding beans & boiling water and 4 for the brewing process. French presses can obviously be used for espresso.

Do French Presses Make Better Coffee?

French pressed coffee has quite the advantage over ordinarily made coffee. Let’s see what French pressed offer:

  • Rich, Aromatic Coffee: French presses come with a metal filter that ensures your coffee still retains its natural oils. These are very aromatic oils that add extra flavor to what you brew.
  • A Fuller Brew: Thanks again to the metal filter, your mug gets to contain extra microscopic coffee grounds. These enhance the flavor of your coffee & offer a fuller feeling, leaving you more easily satisfied.
  • Emotional Gratification: The emotional satisfaction of a well-brewed cup may sound cheesy. But, for real, an aromatic, full-bodied mug does not just taste better. It can be gratifying to see that your effort turned out awesome. 

French pressed coffee is worth it to me. 

Do I Need Any Other Gear to Make French Pressed Coffee?

With the French press, making this coffee brew is as simple as ABC, but wouldn’t you like to write out the letters in beautiful handwriting too?

That’s what a burr coffee grinder offers. It’stheperfection for me. Here’s why you need this piece of equipment for making good French pressed coffee:

  • Brew With Garden-fresh Beans: Naturally, coffee beans retain their crispness for only 2-3 weeks after roasting. That reduces drastically to 20-30 minutes after grounding. Having a burr grinder makes it possible to grind just before you brew. That’s your way of retaining exoticness in your mug.
  • Use Coarse Grounds Easily: French presses don’t work well with small grounds. And that’s often the size of pre-ground coffee. This is because small grounds tend to get stuck in the mesh filter — or they may just slip through. The consequence is a couple of sludge in your mug, and pressing down the plunger can be difficult. Coarse grounds (made with your burr grinder) will not clog or pass through the filter.

Concerning the issue of grounds in your cup of coffee, know now that you can’t avoid it by 100%. There’ll always be grounds in your coffee; even the most advanced coffee brands contain them. Whether small or large does not hurt your health. You can even eat coffee grounds on their own. The problem here is how you want the texture of your coffee.

Can you stand the feeling of lumps as you swallow your coffee? 

Is French Pressed Coffee Healthy?

Simple answer: yes.

French pressed coffee is simply better-brewed coffee beans. There is no reason whatsoever for it to be unhealthy. 

Studies have suggested that consuming 4-5 cups of French pressed coffee daily for a month will lead to a 6-8% increase in LDL bad cholesterol. That’s caffeine abuse. 

Completing the Brewing Process

First of all, it is compulsory to pour all your coffee out of the French press when you’re done brewing. 

Not doing so leaves your beans in water, even if the plunger has been pressed. This means the brand is still brewing, although very slowly.

That’s bad, nonetheless.

A mug off-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-cjava is brewed by perfectly controlling every variable involved. Brewing after plunging may cause your beans to overshoot. 

Answer — What is French Pressed Coffee?

If “what is French pressed coffee?” is the question you’re answering to be the next president of the United States, I hope this article has earned you the seat, Your Excellency.