Dos And Don’ts Of French Press

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Dos And Don’ts Of French Press

Knowing thedos and don’ts of French pressis necessary if you’d like your coffee to taste sweet. Everyone wants that, right?

This extends to your machine too. French press makers are durable machines, whether what you buy is the stainless steel or double-walled model. However, they require little maintenance regularly. Failure to maintain your French press does not mean it will stop functioning; it’ll just stress you more and produce poor coffee every now and then. Not bad, uh?

Shortlisting The Dos And Don’ts Of The French Press


Clean The Filter Regularly

It’s common sense but worth mentioning anyway. You have to clean the filter of your machine after every brew. Thankfully, this is easy to do. All you need is a wipe soaked in warm water. You can use your hands to remove stuck grounds.

Soak Grounds Evenly

Water has to be distributed evenly across your coffee grounds for a well-balanced cup. Failure to do so will lead to over-extraction or under-extraction, or both. Thus, it is essential to ensure that your grounds are soaked evenly before brewing. When you start brewing, you’ll have to push down floating grounds with a spoon every two minutes. 

Set A Timer

You need to have something regulating your time; else, you’ll overdo the brewing process. You may underdo it too. Trust me; it’s a nasty experience. For the French press, 4 minutes is okay anyway. 

Remove Used Grounds

Removing grounds can be lame, but you have to do it. Take out the used grounds with a spoon, and then rinse what’s left with water. Failure to do this regularly is likely to cause stains and smells in every cup of coffee made out of the machine. By the way, if coffee oils are starting to stick to your press, soak it in a spoonful of cafiza for 10 minutes. 


Use a Metal Spoon

A metal spoon or anything metallic will crack the glass in the machine. It is advisable to stick with plastic or wooden when stirring or removing grounds.

Press And Wait

If you leave your coffee to sit in the machine after plunging, you unknowingly allow the machine to continue extracting. You don’t realize this until it’s time to drink your coffee and you get an unreasonably bitter taste. You must decant immediately to another carafe or with a mug. 

Use Soap

If you’ve tasted any cup of French pressed coffee that tastes like soap, it’s because the machine was washed with soap, and the washer failed to rinse it out correctly. Actually, it’s hard to rinse the soap out completely. My recommendation is to use soap once in a blue moon and ensure to rinse very well when you do so. The filter, in particular, makes a sport of trapping soap bubbles.

Use If You Have Cholesterol Problems

A couple of studies have confirmed that unfiltered coffee like the French press can increase bad cholesterol levels in the body. It is best to find alternatives that don’t spur your cholesterol levels to soar. 

Concluding The Dos And Don’ts Of French Press

Knowing thedos and don’ts of French pressis nothing if you’re not putting them to practice. Read through the article again if you have to. A French press is not difficult to make if you pay attention.