Must-taste Coffee Origins Around The World

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Must-taste Coffee Origins Around The World

Are you aware of certainmust-taste coffee origins around the world!Yes, coffee quality does matter according to where it is cultivated. Add any of these countries to your keywords the next time you’re searching the internet forhigh-quality coffee beans. 

4 Must-taste Coffee Origins Around The World


Brazil is the leading harvester of coffee worldwide, making history when it produced over sixty million 60kg bags of coffee in a single calendar year (2018). It was also the #1 coffee exporter in the world then. 

Brazil has been a dominant force in the coffee industry for over a century. In fact, this is what makes their economy tick. The country started growing coffee as far back as the 1800s and was soon the world’s largest producer in 1840. There are over 300 000 coffee farms in Brazil.

Brazilian cuppas are known for their nutty, chocolatey, and rich flavor. 


Colombia became a force to contend with in the coffee works thanks to a sensational advertising campaign by Juan Valdez, a fictional farmer. The country has been known for good coffee quality as far back as the 1950s. It ranks right behind Brazil in the Latin American continent and is the second-largest producer of Arabica worldwide. 

Small family coffee farms are a common sight in the rugged Colombian landscape. These farmers grow, harvest, process and dry their produce themselves. They don’t have to submit to any mill.  

Colombian coffees come with a smooth, chocolate flavor. 


Ethiopia is recognized as the birthplace of coffee, given that Arabica was first cultivated there before it just became popular all over the world. Ethiopia boasts over eight thousand varieties of coffees categorized by specialty buyers according to region, altitude, and cupping score.

According to stats, over 15 million Ethiopians rely on the sales of coffee. The country recorded a whopping $866 million in 2017 alone. The native landscape of the country supports the coffee plant. 

Ethiopian coffees have bright and fruity flavors. 


If you’ve heard or used the terms “Java” and “Sumatra,” you have used Indonesian coffee lingo. Both are nicks for the regions where they were produced in the country. Thanks to Indonesia’s location and climate, it could become the third-largest producer of Robusta in the world. The country produced 10 000 000+ 60kg bags of coffee in 2019 only. 

There are various types of specialty coffees in Indonesia, with the Kopi Luwak being the #1. This particular variety is cultivated using the feces of Asian palm civets, and this is noticed in the unique, distinctive flavor of the coffee. Kopi Luwak is one of the costliest coffee varieties worldwide. 

If you’d rather not be so adventurous with your coffee, there are plenty of other varieties. Indonesian coffees are allowed to spend more time developing under shady trees, helping to increase the body and reduce the acidity of the beans. Indonesian coffees have a sweet, spicy, and chocolate flavor. 

Concluding The Must-taste Coffee Origins Around The World

Exploring themust-taste coffee origins around the worldhas to be one of the best things you can do for your taste buds when it comes to coffee drinking. You don’t have to stress much before getting them. Just place orders.