Uses For Your Old Coffee Beans

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Uses For Your Old Coffee Beans

If you’re like me, who hates to waste any of my resources, making outuses for your old coffee beans has to bring you relief. 

Thankfully, no law states that you can’t use your coffee grounds for other purposes apart fromespressos and the French press

Here are eight good ways you can put your old beans to good use. 

8 Uses For Your Old Coffee Beans

It may be surprising, but thewhole beans VS ground beans debate made its way here. No need to write an essay to choose a side; however, you can use both. 

Whole Beans

Experiment With Brewing

This has to be one of the most important uses for old coffee beans. You’ll understand if you’ve always wanted to try out pour-overs or use a new brewing tool but haven’t been able to because you didn’t want to sacrifice precious beans. What are those leftovers there for? Experimenting with your beans will not only be educating but equally fun and insightful.

Dip In Chocolate

If you haven’t noticed, choc-covered espresso beans are quite pricey and yet a big hit across candy stores. You can cover your old beans with chocolate for your eating pleasure if they are still edible at all. 

Explore Your Artistic Side

Any coffee lover who’s been to Moscow, Russia, could not have missed the coffee bean mural made out of exactly 1 million coffee beans. It covers 30 square meters! I know you don’t have so many beans, so there’s no way you’re doing that. But you can always design something smaller. Get your artistic groove going!

Send To Grandma

No, I’m not asking you to send old coffee beans to your grandma because she’s a witch who flies over a broomstick and made you miserable sweaters when you were little. Instead, it’s because grandmas are less choosy. Mine would drink coffee that’s beenbrewed for over 24 hours. Grandma always loves it when her loving family sends her something to tell they remember her. 

Ground Beans

Kitchen Scrub

Coffee Grounds are mildly acidic and abrasive, do expect them to do a great cleaning job in your kitchen. I’ve had to use them when removing stubborn stains and spots. You’ll have to add a little mix of soap and water, though. 

Send Out The Ants

If you’ve had to deal with invading colonies of ants, you will agree they never stop coming. Well, they’ll lose all this peskiness for your yard when you spread some coffee grounds along their path. Use this to save your garden, your kitchen, and even your sanity. If your neighbor’s cat can’t keep away from your garden, too, these grounds work too.

Make Compost

Coffee beans contain sufficient magnesium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, and nitrogen (depending on the age). These are all nutrients that will supercharge the soul in your garden. You can choose to add them directly or make a compost.

Say Bye To Fleas

While you should consult a doctor if you’re having an issue with fleas, you don’t have to when your pet is the victim. All you need to do is scrub its fur with coffee grounds, and fleas will take a long while to come around again. 

Concluding The Uses For Your Old Coffee Beans

Which of theseuses for your old coffee beansare you familiar with? Let’s hear from you.